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In mid-January each year, at the same time as the laureate(s) are chosen, grant allocations in the same field of research as the prize are announced. The prize and research grant for polyarthritis is announced only when a special committee has shown that scientific progress in this field has been such that an award is justified. Hence, the scheme for grant announcement is:

  • Year 1 Astronomy and Mathematics
  • Year 2 Geosciences
  • Year 3 Biosciences
  • (repeat)

The grants may be applied for both by individuals and by institutions in Sweden. Grant applications can be made for scientific equipment and research, publication of scientific works, scientific conferences and symposia, studies outside of Sweden for Swedish researchers, and activities to further research within the field of research covered by the prize.

Applications for 2016 are to be made from mid-January to 21 February at the website of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

The Crafoord Prize 1982-2016