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The Crafoord Prize in astronomy and mathematics, biosciences, geosciences or polyarthritis research is awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences annually according to a rotating scheme. The prize sum of SEK 4 million makes the Crafoord one of the world´s largest scientific prizes.

Crafoord Academy Lecture 2014

Welcome to Crafoord Academy Lecture 2014 – The emergence of our complex cosmos, with Sir Martin Rees, Crafoord Laureate in Astronomy 2005, on 18 December in Lund City Hall.

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Crafoord Days 2014

The Crafoord Days 2014 were celebrated in Stockholm and Lund from 5 to 7 May. They opened on Monday with the Prize Symposium followed by the Prize Award Ceremony on Tuesday in the presence of their Majesties the King and Queen of Sweden, both at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. On Wednesday, the Crafoord Prize Lecture was held at Lund University.

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Crafoord Prize Lecture 2014
From the building of high mountains and plateaus to the initiation of ice ages, via tropical islands, Crafoord Laureate 2014 Peter Molnar, University of Colorado Boulder, CO, USA.

Crafoord Days

The Crafoord Prize in Geosciences 2014

Crafoord Days