The start of the Jubilee Celebrations of one of the world´s most important research prizes: The Swedish Crafoord Prize celebrates its 25th anniversary

Star researchers and Laureates from all over the world will be in attendance when the Swedish Crafoord Prize celebrates its 25th anniversary. The Jubilee Celebrations will fill four scientific days in the founding family´s hometown, Lund. The topics will cover everything from microprocesses in cells to how the Universe was formed, including research on how we ourselves function, our relationships and our survival on earth. The Crafoord Prizes reward and focus on all this; the Jubilee takes place on 23-26 April in Lund.

Those attending the introductory press conference on Monday will include members of the Crafoord family; those responsible for initiating and arranging the Jubilee; and, not least, this year´s two Laureates.

Press Conference: Monday, 23 April, 12 – 12.45 p.m.
Place: The Press Room on the ground floor, Palaestra House, at the University quadrangle,
Lund. (The media are invited to a sandwich lunch from 11.30)
There will be time for individual interviews after the Press Conference.

• Torbjörn Fagerström, Chairman of the Jubilee Committee
• Margareta and Lennart Nilsson, Chairwoman and Managing Director respectively of the Crafoord Foundation
• Bo Sundqvist, President of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
• Göran Bexell, Vice-Chancellor of Lund University
• Wallace Broecker and Robert Trivers, Crafoord Laureates

(This year´s Crafoord Laureate in Biosciences, Robert Trivers, has looked theoretically at the relations between parents and children and conflicts within the family. What do children and their parents consider is a “fair” division of the parents´ care? The Laureate in Geosciences, Wallace Broecker, has increased our knowledge of the carbon cycle and its significance for climate change. Can the greenhouse effect lead to a colder climate in Scandinavia?)

Applications and bookings for interviews: By Sunday 22 April, 6 p.m. at the latest to Kajsa Eriksson:, 070-7746866. In Lund it will also be possible to apply for a seat in the Press Gallery for the prize-giving ceremony in Lund Cathedral on Thursday, 26 April.